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Women’s Long-Term Addiction Recovery Program

A Reprieve for Women

An Alternative Approach to
Long-Term Rehab programs for women

An Alternative Approach to Rehab Programs for Women

At A Reprieve for Women, we are a true sisterhood intent on creating a haven where women overcoming addiction feel safe, are heard, and learn to embrace who they are. We welcome each woman to our home with open arms, guiding them with unconditional love and support as both treatment professionals and peers in recovery.

An alternative to traditional addiction rehab programs, our unique methods focus on helping women find long-term recovery through intense 12 Step work and therapy, learning to build and repair essential connections to community, spirituality, and self.

A Foundation for

To successfully overcome addiction, a person must heal the connection to themselves, their spirituality, and their community. This belief is the heart of our program at A Reprieve for Women.


Women in active addiction have often never had or have lost faith in their relationship with a higher power. At A Reprieve for Women, we believe that spirituality, regardless of religion, guides the recovery journey, which is why helping our residents find and re-establish the spiritual center is a pillar of our programming.


Marked by toxic relationships, negative influences, and isolation – addiction makes many women feel that they are alone. A Reprieve for Women offers a warm, supportive community that shows grace without condition, where women can learn to build and recognize positive relationships and form healthy boundaries.


Women struggling with addiction also lose their sense of self, replacing morals and values with negative instincts focused solely on survival. Through therapeutic and spiritual guidance, we help women learn to appreciate themselves as individuals, rediscover their self-worth, and empower them to be who they truly are.


At A Reprieve for Women, women discover their talents and passions and learn how to apply themselves every day with positivity and purpose.

We Know that Every Story is Different

At A Reprieve for Women, we help women overcome addiction to rediscover their best, most authentic selves as they chart a path toward lifelong recovery. With our home’s warm, spiritually sound environment as a backdrop, we guide each woman through a personalized program focused on breaking through barriers and building healthy relationships with their communities, spirituality, and themselves.

A Multi-Step Addiction Recovery Program

Our phased approach includes intensive work in the 12 Steps, community building, and therapeutic support, with reduced monitoring and guidance as she regains accountability and faith in her recovery.

Guiding Women on the Path to Sobriety

While the program phases have a general timeframe, we work with each woman and her family to decide when they are ready to progress. We believe involvement from their support system allows our residents and their families to feel comfortable and confident in the recovery process.

The Power of


The 12 Steps, created by Alcoholics Anonymous, is a set of principles centered on spirituality and community, designed to strengthen and guide people through their recovery process. While many addiction treatment programs teach the 12 Steps, at A Reprieve for Women, we work closely with our residents to ensure they completely understand the purpose and intention behind each step, and how it relates to their own beliefs and circumstances. Through our 12 Step Immersion program, those who struggled in a previous 12 Step program often experience a breakthrough in their recovery.

Addiction is a Disease that Affects
Men and Women Differently

Addiction is a Disease that Affects Men and Women Differently

Studies show the physical and mental effects of societal pressures, motivations, substance use disorders, and even the drugs of choice differ among women and men. The road to recovery is especially challenging for women, who often experience significant physical and mental trauma in active addiction. For some, the traumas and negative experiences they faced in the past involve the opposite gender, making a gender-specific program necessary for long-term healing.

Our women’s only campus in Tuscaloosa, AL, allows women to focus on developing the mindset and skills needed for long-term recovery in a safe environment of supportive peers. Our residents establish a sisterhood and friendships that far exceed their time at our home.

Who should come to
A Reprieve for Women?

Women with a substance use disorder that find it difficult to maintain sobriety or who experience chronic relapse

Women that struggle with relationships, an unhealthy body image, and/or self and peer acceptance

Women with co-occurring mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety

Women dealing with grief or trauma

Women that lack direction and goals in the areas of employment, responsibility, and accountability

Women that have been unsuccessful in traditional rehab or 12 Step programs


Since 2016, A Reprieve for Women has been a refuge for women seeking hope and healing to overcome substance addiction. Recovery is real and constantly celebrated in our unique community-based program, where our residents, professional staff, and program alumni share a sisterhood rooted in the renewing power of the 12 Steps.

Located in Tuscaloosa, AL, near the University of Alabama, our modern home features spacious accommodations and family-style amenities, such as a pool and theater room, creating a comfortable, supportive atmosphere that inspires wellness, creativity, and fun!


We believe so strongly in the processes we teach our residents – of developing Spirituality, Community, and Self – that we practice them as a staff as well.

Brett Young

Executive Director

Brooke Ashcraft


Lakinda Burrell


Dani Hernandez

Program Specialist, First Phase

Renee Underwood

Program Specialist, Life Skills

Leah Parker, LPC


Bo Mullins

Community Representative

Brett Young

Executive Director

Mike Denmark


Bo Mullins

Community Representative

Hans Shellhamer

Community Living Specialist

Hiram Henegar, LPC

Program Specialist, Counselor

Ross Pape

12-Step Immersion Coordinator

Reese Ryan

Recreation Specialist

Wesley Logan

Program Coordinator

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Medical Clerk

George Eich

RA Manager

Mark Zippin

Program Specialist

“This is the most extensive center for addiction. Best therapy and trauma work. DBT skills and repairing relationships. The Reprieve changes lives and offers opportunities to help with education and job stability as well. The staff teaches you to take responsibility while giving yourself grace. Lifetime connections are made here, and lives are saved. The benefits of long-term programs are unmatched.”

Find lifelong healing from drug or alcohol addiction in an environment where women thrive. Call us today to restart your recovery.