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Men’s Long-Term Addiction Recovery Program

A Reprieve for Men

An Alternative Approach to Long-Term ALCOHOL & DRUG Rehab Programs

At A Reprieve for Men, we know the importance of truly being there for our residents, their families, and fellow providers who trust us to care for their patients. Our mission is to help each man who enters our home overcome addiction and find long-term recovery.

Each resident that comes to our campus is more than just a patient attending an addiction recovery program. They instantly become family to our residents, staff, and alumni. We welcome everyone to our home as brothers, with open arms and a guiding hand ready to show them the best path for their recovery.

We Know that Every Story is Unique

Every man who enters our program has different needs and circumstances, so we tailor our long-term addiction recovery program to fit each man who comes to our home. Our team creates a customized plan of action for every resident that is developed and improved as they progress through each phase.

Our goal is not just recovery but sustainable sobriety, and to achieve this, we emphasize holistic treatment. This includes physical health, psychological well-being, social relationships, and vocational or educational guidance. By focusing on these aspects of a person’s life, we help each man recover from addiction and rebuild and enhance his life, preparing him for success long after he leaves our home.

A Multi-Step Addiction Recovery Program

Our three-phased approach incorporates personal work in the 12 Step discipline, community building, and therapeutic support into each phase, with monitoring and guidance becoming less intensive for the resident as he regains self-assurance and accountability in his recovery.

Guiding Men on the Path to Sobriety

While there is a general timeframe in mind for each phase of treatment, we work with the patient and their families to decide when they are ready to move to the next stage. We believe that having their support system involved in decision-making allows our residents and their families to feel comfortable and confident in the recovery process.


Since opening our doors in 2009, we’ve provided a spiritual safe haven for men suffering from the disease of addiction. Our staff and alumni — the epicenter of our community-based program — witness daily the very spirit in which the fellowship of service to others thrives. The 12 Steps live and breathe here as we strive to do the work we’ve been called upon to perform.

Located in the heart of the Geneva Historic District of Opelika, AL, the campus at A Reprieve for Men is as unique as our program. Our main home, a fully restored 1898 Colonial Revival, features original architectural elements and family-style living, creating a warm and reverent atmosphere for our residents.

Addiction is a Disease that Affects
Men and Women Differently

Addiction is a Disease that Affects Men and Women Differently

Studies show the physical and mental effects of substance use disorders, societal pressures, motivations, and even the drugs of choice differ among men and women. For some, the negative experiences and traumas they faced in the past involve the opposite gender, making a gender-specific program necessary for them to focus on their recovery.

Our men’s only campus in Opelika, AL, allows men to focus on developing the skills and mindset needed for long-term recovery in a safe, supportive environment. Our residents establish a brotherhood and friendships that transcend beyond their time at our home.

Who we treat at a Reprieve for Men:

Trouble beginning and maintaining their sobriety or experience chronic relapse

Struggling to work through and understand the 12 Steps

Having difficulty with spiritual concepts and principles

In need of help to transition back to college or into a career

Lack direction and goals in the areas of employment, responsibility, and accountability

Unsuccessful in traditional rehab or 12-Step programs

A Foundation for

To successfully overcome addiction, a person must heal the connection to themselves, their spirituality, and their community. This belief is the heart of our program at A Reprieve for Men.


Many people who struggle with addiction also struggle with connecting to a higher power, or feel fragmented or broken. At the Reprieve, we help residents discover or re-establish the spiritual center that will serve as a compass for their recovery journey.


Isolation, negative influences, and toxic relationships are unfortunate hallmarks of alcohol and drug addiction. We build communities of support at the Reprieve, helping men learn to form healthy boundaries and recognize and repair positive relationships.


Addiction often leads to a loss of identity or sense of self. The morals and values instilled during childhood are lost in addiction, replaced by negative instincts focused on their own survival with zero regard for others. Through spiritual and therapeutic guidance, we remind men of their value as individuals, helping them return to who they truly are.

The Power of


The 12 Steps, created by Alcoholics Anonymous, is a set of principles centered on spirituality and community, designed to strengthen and guide people through their recovery process. While many addiction treatment programs teach the 12 Steps, at A Reprieve for Men, we work closely with our residents to ensure they completely understand the purpose and intention behind each step, and how it relates to their own beliefs and circumstances. Through our 12 Step Immersion program, those who struggled in a previous 12 Step program often experience a breakthrough in their recovery.


We believe so strongly in the processes we teach our residents – of developing Spirituality, Community, and Self – that we practice them as a staff as well.

Brett Young

Executive Director

Mike Denmark


Bo Mullins

Community Representative

Hans Shellhamer

Community Living Specialist

George Eich

RA Manager

Brett Young

Executive Director

Mike Denmark


Bo Mullins

Community Representative

Hans Shellhamer

Community Living Specialist

George Eich

RA Manager
“The Reprieve’s approach in combining all aspects of recovery into different phases to prepare me for life outside the Reprieve while learning and practicing the 12 Steps in a controlled environment was exceedingly helpful. While I could have gotten sober anywhere with the 12 Steps, I attribute much of my success to the immersive process I went through at the Reprieve.”

Are you tired of constantly being in the grasp of addiction? Have you tried rehab programs before that just don’t seem to work?

A Reprieve for Men offers an alternative solution to regular addiction rehab programs. We take the time and care to guide you on the path that best fits your recovery.