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Mark Zippin

Mark is a native of Palm Beach, Florida. Mark is a graduate of Florida State University and has a bachelor’s degree in business. He began experimenting with drugs and alcohol as a teenager developing a more continuous habit throughout college. Mark began relying on prescription pills to navigate and deal with life’s stressors after graduating college. His reliance on drugs and alcohol quickly began to cause unmanageability in his career and relationships. After attempting to get help through sober living and trying to control his addiction on his own, Mark found himself at a bottom he never thought was possible. He then committed to the Reprieve and turned his life over to the care of God and the 12-step process. Mark graduated from The Reprieve and stayed in contact to later come on board our core staff as a Program Specialist. He is instrumental in guiding residents through the 12-step process in our 1st phase of the program, known as 12-step immersion. Mark brings unmatched energy to our program in all that he does, teaching guys the disciplines of recovery and learning to find happiness and excitement in the process.