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Leah Parker, LPC

Leah Parker is the therapist for A Reprieve for Women.  She received her master’s degree in counseling from the University of North Alabama in 2011 and has been working in the field of addiction and recovery for seven years.  She is passionate about bringing her training in various therapeutic treatment modalities (CBT, DBT, EMDR, trauma-informed, and grief informed) to the 12-step immersion process because she wholeheartedly believes that addressing both simultaneously is the key to helping women heal.  Leah desires to create a safe, inviting space where women can unpack the things that have occurred in their lives.  Many of these things have brought them to treatment, and her desire to aid them in processing their trauma and guide them toward finding and creating a life that’s worth living.  She believes addiction impacts the whole family and enjoys working with family members to help heal the family system through the treatment process. We are blessed to have such a skilled clinician who is acutely aware of the power of the 12 Step process.  Outside of work, Leah enjoys spending time with family and friends and engaging in her unending search for used books, vinyl records, and the perfect cup of coffee.