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Recovery Stories from Reprieve Alumni
With our Reprieve programs, recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is real. We celebrate our work through the healthy, impactful lives of our alumni and their families. These are their stories of hope.
What will your recovery story be?
Bo’s Story
“I know it seems like things can’t change. I know it feels like you can’t imagine a life without using or drinking,” he says. “But it can change. It does not matter why you reach out for help. Getting help is the bravest thing that you can do.”

Reprieve Success Stories

“The experience I had at the Reprieve literally changed my life. The staff cares about you and wants to see you get sober and happy. They are patient, honest, and encouraging, and all have experienced the feeling you have when you get there. I have the tools I need to stay sober. I can’t put into words what this place means to me. If you want to get sober, go to the Reprieve and listen to what they say.”
“The Reprieve has the best staff in the world. Their one goal in life is to help the residents who come to their facility. This place has changed my life and hundreds of others. I recommend this place to ANYONE who is struggling with alcoholism or addiction.”
“My family was hesitant to send me anywhere after many failed treatment attempts for my addiction, but they took a huge chance and helped me one last time by sending me to the Reprieve. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. This place is special, and I believe it is the best place that young men could go if they need and want help. Seven years sober with a wife and two children. I am now able to contribute to society and help others. I live a life that I did not think was possible before. It is in large part due to the Reprieve and what I learned here.”
“I know I am sober because at a time when I needed a message of hope a woman was placed in my life to deliver that message of hope…When I walk through the doors of A Reprieve for Women, I feel the same loving and caring spirit and I can tell these women are genuine in their passion for recovery.”
“A Reprieve had everything I didn’t know I needed. I loved the 12 step immersion. I felt as if it was more in depth and a lot of light was shed when I worked with them that way. I loved how there was counseling provided however I needed it.”

Maddi’s Story

“I’m able to have very healthy and honest relationships today. I now know how to handle the bad days without having a drink or drugs,” she said. “My life now is great. It really is.”

The Reprieves becomes a second home and family to all our residents. Start your recovery journey within a community of supportive peers today.