Reese Ryan

Recreation Specialist

Reese is a native of Lexington Kentucky. He has always had an admiration of Exercise and Athletics as a kid. Reese was awarded a Division 1 football scholarship to Western Kentucky University. In College Reese began experimenting with Drugs and alcohol eventually finding himself addicted to prescription pills and later progressing to Heroine. Reese admitted to the Reprieve after years of trying to control his addiction with little hope. Reese graduated from the Reprieve and felt a calling to become apart of our Core staff to help guide residents to the same spiritual awakening that he received while walking through the reprieves 12 step process. Reese utilizes his extensive knowledge and skills in health and fitness to merge the importance of healthy living and exercise to the spiritual process the 12 steps. Reese bring a positive energy and outlook in everything he does here at The Reprieve and is a fundamental member in everything we do.