Claire Fierman

Director of Business Development

Claire Fierman was born and raised in the world of recovery. After family members personal struggles with addiction, Claire became passionate about helping others heal. For over twelve years, Claire has devoted herself to the clinical work in the treatment of addiction and mental health issues.  As Director of Business Development, Claire creates and maintains relationships within the recovery and wellness community. 

Claire’s clinical practice and expertise stem from her own personal therapeutic work. Spending countless hours diving deeply into her own personal history in order to heal, she is able to connect with, and support her clients in a unique way. With over 11 years of clinical experience, Claire has the ability to recognize the inherent wholeness of each client, and create a safe and non-judgmental environment where she can witness their stories. Understanding that growth and healing is more powerful when clients find their own answers, Claire leads her clients as they engage in the process of discovering truth and healing.