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The Reprieve strives to create a spiritually sound environment that is positive, creative, caring, and fun. We believe that recovery can only be accomplished through developing positive relationships. We also believe that the environment must be attended to in order to inspire our residents and staff to grow together in our quest for spiritual health.

Our intent for each individual is to have them create a plan of action that can be developed, improved, and that focuses on three relational areas: spirituality, community, and self. We strive to help residents understand how they separated from self, from spirituality, and from their fellows. Then we help them develop their personal plan for healthy relations to self, spirituality, and others. This is, of course, accomplished through intensive personal work in the Twelve Step discipline.

The Reprieve model encourages healthy community, fellowship, and internal change.


    It is common for the addict to have many different influences and experiences when it comes to spirituality. Their spiritual connection has either never been established, or it has been broken. The lack of spiritual connection is evident through their addiction.

    Most addicted individuals tend to isolate themselves from family and find difficulty in making positive relationships. They develop harmful relationships with negative influences. These relationships become a huge barrier to recovery.

  • SELF
    The morals and values instilled during childhood become lost through addiction. These virtues are replaced with negative instincts. Instinctually, the addict is only thinking about survival. He no longer grows as an individual mentally and spiritually. His only focus is hiding the addiction. At this point the addict has truly lost his sense of self.

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    Family sessions can be scheduled after the resident has been in the program for over a week. Contact Information Phone: 334-749-3445 - Email: reprieve@bradfordhealth.net

    Every Sunday, families are welcome to join us for lunch at noon and visitation from 1:30-4:30p. If your family member is given permission to leave in the morning, they must be back by 12:00pm.

    If there is an emergency and you need to speak with your significant other during the day, or if you would like to leave them a message, please call 334-749-3445 or 877-510-8774.

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